Serenade! Choral Festival Concert


Venue: Theatre House

Choirs from Mongolia and Bulgaria come to the Theatre House at Castleton, continuing our collaboration with Serenade! Washington, DC Choral Festival:


Egschiglen: a Mongolian folk band, formed in Ulan Bator in 1991. In English, Egschiglen means “Beautiful Melody”, and they are one of very few traditional Mongolian bands performing in the west.   Egschiglen explores the works by classical-modernist Mongolian composers, using traditional instruments from Mongolia and Central Asia, including the morin khuur, tobshuur, joochin, bass, percussion, and singing techniques that include throat singing.


Prize winning ensemble BALKANES was formed in 1996 by four Bulgarian women who create original songs from the traditional repertoire.  They broaden their sound palette to include liturgical songs in Slavonic. Emotions and humor cross the borders and magic settles among the audience from the very first song.

These four artists have the punch, the sweetness, the clarity and the mystery. Poetry, song, a little dancing, superb costumes and traditional jewels, Balkanes conquers the heart…” Le Progrès de Lyon Newspaper


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