Serenade 2018


Venue: Theatre House

The annual World Choir Festival brings again two fascinating choirs to Castleton:

Olga Vocal Ensemble

Olga Vocal Ensemble creates musical joy – a joy they want to share    with the world. These five young men stand ready to conquer every heart with their powerful, clear voices, and charismatic presentation.  Olga is a young a cappella singing group that approaches old traditions in a fresh way, combining  enthusiasm, humor, and drama with genuine vocal clarity to enrapture both young and old. The ensemble is already known for her unique programs, in which moving classical music comes together with popular repertoire – from medieval Icelandic drinking songs to nostalgic hits from your grandfather’s day. The characteristic sound of Olga blends all music into a compelling whole.

Olga Vocal  Ensemble

Watch Video of Olga Vocal Ensemble?


Created in 1997 by Talike Gellé, TIHAREA means ‘Wealth’. This group includes three charming Madagascan girls. Talike and her sisters come originally from the Androy region, in the South of Madagascar where singing is part of everyday life. As a child, Talike was always fascinated by the BEKO (traditional songs of the Antandroy ethnic group of the South of Madagascar).

Their songs are in the Antandroy language, a dialect from the South of the island and include on one hand, original compositions by Talike Gellé and on the other hand, traditional song work such as the Beko, a traditional oral storytelling aiming at calming and healing the mind.

Dressed in the traditional costume, barefeet and with the Dokodoko hairstyle (typical of the Antandroy women), they sing a capella, dance and within their harmonious songs combine more surprising bits such as guttural sounds, gasps or throat hawking called: Rimotse.

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