Summer Camp at Castleton


Castleton Festival’s 2022 Summer Camp was a smashing success! Following is a description of what we did this year in collaboration with Synetic Theater, and we’re excited for 2023!

When an evil witch’s spell causes all the fairy tale stories to mismatch – nothing is as you remember. Cinderella and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding hood sat on a wall and had a big fall, and Rapunzel wears glass slippers? Half ad-lib and half text, the survival of these characters rests solely on the student’s imaginations. Will the fairy tale world ever be the same, or will the Three Little Pigs finally get their Mermaid fins?

Students that participate in this performance will work as a team through active play and physical coordination to create their own twisted fairy tales. No two stories will ever be the same and every session will feature different fairy tale characters to play with.

Students will also get the exciting opportunity to work with Tom Teasley, an award-winning multidimensional sound artist. Students will explore how rhythms from around the world often have a commonality. This realization allows one to use the rhythmic traditions from one culture to gain awareness of another culture.

Camps take place at the Castleton Festival, 671 Castleton View Rd, Castleton, VA 22716


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